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Friends we bring you different articles and we try our best to keep you updated. You will be given regular government circulars. You will be able to download the circulars and use them in your administrative work. A circular PDF has been provided for you in this post. A collection of circulars has been given to you. A PDF of 979 circulars has been provided to you. In which resolutions and circulars have been given from time to time.

Here are the government circulars in the PDF. There are government resolutions. These circulars and resolutions will be required of you. Will be useful. This PDF is provided specifically for you. These circulars have been placed for special teachers, principals, Htat principals, TPEOs, DPEOs, and others who are kare administrative work. Those who can download the PDF directly from this PDF with one click. The hardcopy will be able to hold its own file with the print.
Download the PDF within the Reading Campaign

A reading campaign has been launched in the primary schools of Gujarat. Under which a teleconference was held today in Bisseg. In which all information about the reading campaign was given.
Various modules are provided within the reading campaign. It is named after the language Deep. The activities related to the reading campaign are provided in Bhashadeep. A total of 20 weeks of activities related to language enrichment have been provided..

An estimated 150 to 190 activities have been provided in Bhashadeep. There are seven to ten activities per week. The language provided in the Deep module. The module also offers content and oral activities, and fun time activities such as Gujarati, Mathematics, Environment, Social Sciences and Science Technology.

Some activities of language practice are provided. All of these activities are provided in the Language Deep module. Some activities in this module are also provided outside of the textbook. Some activities are also for textbooks. These are activities for language practice. Which are activities for reading expeditions...

Language education is not the job of the teacher of Gujarati subjects only. It is not that the teacher of Gujarati subject has to do this work. Thus, language practice is essential in all subjects. Every teacher has to do it. Every teacher has to participate in the reading campaign. This task is to be done by every class teacher.


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