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Within two hours of casting Farah Khan's vote, the ink disappeared from the finger, asked the Election Commission - how this ...

New Delhi: Voting for the fourth phase of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 (Elections 2019) is going on today. Today, voting is going on for 72 seats in 9 states and everyone's eyes are fixed on Mumbai as there is a brightness of stars on polling stations. All Bollywood stars are using their franchise and their photographs on social media
By putting, the common people are motivated to vote. But Farah Khan Ali, who has specially identified himself on his social media, has now questioned the question about the ink on the finger. Farah Khan Ali has added a photo on his Twitter and said that within two hours of casting a vote, the ink on the finger easily dropped. Even before this, many people have raised this question on social media.
Farah Khan Ali has tweeted the election commission: "Dear Election Commission, I had voted 2 hours earlier and my finger ink has come down easily. How could this be possible? Sanjay is confident that you too should have fallen. ' Farah Khan Ali had cast his photo on Twitter immediately after casting a vote. Now Farah Khan has posted one more photo on Twitter, and his finger ink is missing in this photo. In this way Farah Khan has tried to tell that the EC, which is putting the ink finger on it, easily goes down.

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Farah Khan Ali has voted in Mumbai. Farah Khan is the daughter of Ali Bollywood actor Sanjay Khan and is a well-known jewelery designer. But due to the openness of their views on social issues, social media often gets trolled. But Farah Khan gives cronies to his trollers.I am going to remind you that every picture taken by phone is "time" and date of the image. I challenge them to prove I am lying @ECISVEEP Please check why ink coming off?

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