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Glacier came to Himachal / Lahoul-Speati, camped the transit of BRO completely demolished

• Transit camp of 94 RCC of BRO due to heavy snowfall destroyed
• Some of the transit camps have also flown in the Chandra river.
Kullu (Gaurishankar).
. In Lahaul-Spiti district, as the snowfall is normal, as the situation is getting normal, the loss of snowfall is also being ascertained. Due to heavy snowfall in Koksar towards Lahaul right below Rohtang Pass, BRO's 94 RCC transit camp has climbed due to heavy snowfall. At the time when the glacier came here, there was no employee in it, so no one casualties in it.

It is information that this transit camp is in the grip of the glacier. But when it came to the gallstones, it has not been detected yet. But the exposure of transit camps was revealed when people's movement in the area increased. The transit camp of 94 RCC of BRO at Koksar, 20 kilometers away from Rohtang Pass, at Lahaul gate, has collapsed due to the fall of the Himachand.

Due to which the luggage lying inside the transit camp has been disrupted and the transit camp has suffered heavy losses. It is information that some of the transit camps have also flown in the Chandra river. Steel Seats of this camp also reached the other end of the river.

This can be judged by how fast this glacier has come.
94 RCC commanding officer Harish Babu said that the watchdog of Koksar and 94 informed him about this, although it has not been able to get the information of the glacier when it has yet been found but the damage has been reported. Therefore, due to the devastation of the transit camp, the BRO has temporarily installed the Lonivi rest house camp in Sisu.
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